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Bienenwachskerzen & Dekoration

Mokovci s.r.o.

Products from real beeswax

Behind the company Mokovci s.r.o. is a family workshop with 27 years of tradition. In the village of Záhorská Bystrica, which belongs to Bratislava, the family produces candles in traditional shapes and arrangements. Beeswax candles combined with dried flowers are a speciality. Besides, the family also breeds bees in the Little Carpathians and near Niva by the Morava River. All candles and decorations are made from the wax of their own bees and from that of beekeeper friends. "We believe that the scent of wax from our hives will also reach you through our products and give you festive moments."


Period: 25/03/2023 – 02/04/2023
03/04/2023 – 11/04/2023
Country: Bratislava, Slovakia
Material: Wax

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