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Michail Shestakov

Colorierte Linolschnitte

Do you know the linocut? You can discover this interesting and stylish printing technique in the cottage of the artist Mikhail Shestakov. Mikhail Shestakov has lived and worked in Vienna for many years. He designs the motifs for his linocuts himself. He is inspired by the beauty of Vienna and Austria, ballet scenes, the Art Nouveau period, animals and much more. He carefully cuts and prints them by hand. Online you can admire his linocuts on his website. Then in the cottage you will have the opportunity to see and purchase the linocuts in the original and meet the artist personally.


Period: 25/03/2023 – 02/04/2023
03/04/2023 – 11/04/2023
Country: Vienna, Austria
Material: Paper

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