Nr. 03

Magische Collageart von Pabuku

Ulla Klopf

Stationery and design products from Pabuku

Pabuku stands for distinctive vintage collages with lots of details, charm and subtle humor. Pabuku founded as a greeting card laben and is now a design studio that continues to seek out new objects and surfaces as a stage and playground for its collage art. Each creation - from greeting cards, puzzles, posters to large wall designs - is like a snapshot from the fantastic world of Pabuku and slow food for the eyes. Each object is an invitation to let your imagination run wild. Experience it for yourself!


Period: 25/03/2023 – 02/04/2023
03/04/2023 – 11/04/2023
Country: Stainz, Austria
Material: Paper

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