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Trockenblumen Floristik

Alwi Pracownia florystyczna

Handmade Easter wreaths, bouquets

Florist Aldona Gniewczyska lives in the middle of nature, in a small village south of Wroclaw, Poland. She grows a wide variety of flowers, grasses, herbs and cereals, which are then dried for flower arrangements. From an early age, the Polish woman has enjoyed working with flowers. From lavender, strawflowers, ammobium, setaria grass, oats and many other dried plants, she makes the most diverse flower compositions with great attention to detail: Easter wreaths, arrangements and bouquets of dried flowers - sometimes combined with wood and ceramics.


Period: 25/03/2023 – 02/04/2023
03/04/2023 – 11/04/2023
Country: Ziebice, Poland

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