When does the Easter market take place?
The Easter Market Schloß Schönbrunn will take place from 20 March to 6 April 2021.

What are the opening hours?
The Easter Market will be open from 20 March to 6 April 2020 every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The exact opening hours and the access to the gates can be found here.

How much is the entry fee for the market?
You can enjoy the Easter Market as well as the music program at the Easter Market Schloß Schönbrunn free of charge.

Which exhibitors were represented on the market of 2019?
An exact overview of our exhibitors can be found here.

Where is the best parking nearby?
Parking zones around the castle are available at APCOA Parking Schönbrunn Vienna. Further information can be found here.

How to get to the Easter Market Schloß Schönbrunn by public transport?
You can get to the Market by the underground line U4, stop Schönbrunn or Hietzing, by tram lines 60 and 10 or bus line 10A. Further Information can be found here.

Are dogs allowed in the Schönbrunn area?
No dogs or bikes are allowed within the entire Schönbrunn grounds including the Easter Market Schloß Schönbrunn.

When can I apply for the Easter Market 2020 as an exhibitor?
If you are interested to be one of the exhibitors for the 18th Easter Market Schloß Schönbrunn please send your contact details to Ms. Barbara Gobl (b.gobl@mts-wien.at) . Further details on the application process can be found here.

Are there any toilets and facilities for disabled people?
Toilets and barrier-free toilets for disabled people can be found in the visitor centre and the castle entrance.

When do the music groups perform?
Every Saturday, Sunday and on Easter Monday jazz groups perform in front of the Easter Bunny workshop. The exact schedule of the performances of 2020 can be found here.

Are there any special activities for children?
Especially for our young visitors, there is a lot to discover at the Easter Market. Our Easter Bunny workshop enables children to create cute marzipan figures or Easter bouquets. 
An interactive game, an Easter Bunny quiz in front of the palace and a carousel driven by muscle power offer plenty of fun activities. More detailed information can be found in our event calendar.

Where is the next ATM?
You can find an ATM inside the Easter Market next to the carousel and a second ATM inside the visitor centre of Schoenbrunn Palace next to the main entrance.

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